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2015.3.14 Hold a tug-of-war with employees to celebrate the company's birthday | PAIDU

2019.1.18 Everyone gathered at the annual meeting of "Farewell 2019 and Welcome 2020" | PAIDU

2019.10.31 The boss celebrated his birthday with the employees whose birthdays were in the same month | PAIDU

2020.9.28 The owner's wife is giving out Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to employees | PAIDU

2020.12.25 Bosses give recognition to employees who have stuck to their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic | PAIDU

2020.12.25 Hold a Christmas Eve party for all employees to spend Christmas together | PAIDU

2021.6.10 The owner's wife gave employees Dragon Boat Festival benefits | PAIDU

2022.9.10 The owner's wife personally went to the factory to distribute Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to employees | PAIDU

2021.9.17 The owner's wife gave Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to the employees in the office | PAIDU

2021.12.24 Our Santa Claus is here to give out Christmas Eve benefits | PAIDU

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