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Advantages of TPE Yoga Mat Over PVC and Preservation Knowledge

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Author : Elaine Wang
Update time : 2024-01-09 10:15:25

1. TPE Material Introduction

Introduction to TPE Materials Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) are a class of materials that combine the elasticity and strength of rubber with the processability of plastics. These eco-friendly materials are defined by their ability to be melted and reprocessed, unlike thermosetting plastics which cannot be remolded once cured. TPEs come in various types, including styrenic, polyolefin, polyurethane, and polyester TPEs, each with its own unique set of properties. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from electronics and automotive to construction, healthcare, consumer goods and yoga supplies.

Performance Characteristics of TPE Materials TPEs boast excellent physical properties such as flexibility, elasticity, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and tear resistance. Chemically, they are resistant to corrosion, acids, and bases, and they do not age easily, making them recyclable. In terms of processability, TPEs are user-friendly, capable of being molded through injection, extrusion, and blow molding. They also take color and print well, which is beneficial for product customization and branding.


2. TPE Yoga Mat Product Features Benefits

(1) Non-toxic, no PVC (no chloride, no metal elements).

(2) Natural oxidative cracking can be recycled and avoid environmental pollution.

(3) Soft, stick, flat ground, the whole mat can be attached to the ground and grasp the ground.

(4) Light weight, each mat is about 1200 grams, about 300 grams lighter than the PVC foam mat, easy to carry and collect; (5) When the surface is wet, it can also maintain the performance of stopping slip. Avoid sports injuries caused by unwarned sliding of limbs. Waterproof, non-slip, even if the soles of the feet, palms sweat, do yoga exercises on it, anti-slip effect is still excellent. There are beautiful anti-slip particles on the front and back, and the anti-slip effect is better.

(6) Good elasticity and strong resilience. Although the thickness is only 6mm, due to the strong resilience, you will feel soft and very comfortable when doing yoga on it, and you will not feel thin at all.

(7) The front and back two colors, increase the beauty, the selection of 175×61 [cm] specifications, more suitable for different body length practitioners to use.


3. TPE Yoga Mat Product Saving Method

(1) Avoid long-term sun exposure.

(2) Place in the dark place when collecting, avoid high heat

(3) Clean regularly [The importance of cleaning]

(4) When we do yoga exercise, how much sweat and other debris will remain on the yoga mat, which will cause mildew after repeated use without cleaning; We recommend that you use it at least three times or more than two weeks apart, and wash it the day before you use it again to ensure that you are clean when using the yoga mat.

(5) Usually clean with water rinse, and wipe the surface of the yoga mat with a towel.

(6) If the yoga mat needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a towel with soapy water and rinse it off with plenty of water.

(7) Do not use a harder brush when cleaning yoga mat, which will cause the surface film to break and raise hair.


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